Silk Gifts Ireland offers an original and contemporary collection of best silk gifts created and curated by Anne Courtney from her studio in Dublin,to celebrate the luxury of silk.

Silk is a beautiful gift from nature. I was captivated by its magic during my many years in Asia, where I studied silk painting with Asian artists. I have put together a collection of my beautiful silk scarves and added some real luxuries that I picked up in Asia – gorgeous silk pillowcases and eye masks for a heavenly sleep.

All my silk gifts are made from the best quality 100% Mulberry silk.

Silk is an heirloom -a timeless gift for any occasion

The Luxury of Silk

Watercolours on Silk “Brushstrokes

Dating back to the time of Chinese emperors, silk has been treasured as the most luxurious of fabrics for thousands of years. The vibrant colours, translucent quality, and the free flow of the colours on the silk produce wonderfully vibrant results.

My Watercolours on Silk collection is inspired by Impressionist watercolours with soft, shimmery colours and the play of light on the silk.   

Hand-Painted Silk Scarves

Collection of silk scarves Hand painted in Ireland

My collection of hand painted ladies scarves ireland is inspired by the ever-changing hues of the Irish landscape – the pinks and purples of Irish wild flowers, the blues of ocean spray, and the various shades of night and half-light

Silk Painting Asia


The art of silk painting is embedded in the heritage of master Asian craftsmen. I was fortunate to work and learn the skills and techniques directly from leading artists and hold workshops in their studios during my time there.

Gallery Installation Kuala Lumper Malaysia

Several of my pieces are featured in the Bank Negara Malaysia Gallery and the prestigious Petronas Gallery in the Twin Towers. Kuala Lumper

Collection Silk Paintings

I have a small collection of silk paintings and silk scarf painting which I show from time to time.

Collage Silk Paintings

Silk Sleep Gifts-the Gift of luxury

100% Silk Pillowcases

Outstanding quality and feels amazing to sleep on

Black 100% Silk Eye Mask