How Is Silk Made ? Unveiling The Secrets Of Silk

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Silk fibres are produced by worms when they spin themselves into a cocoon as they are turning into silk moths.

It mainly consists of a protein called fibroin. This is secreted by the silkworms who feed exclusively on leaves from the mulberry tree – hence the term “Mulberry Silk”.

It;s cloth is a delicately woven product made from the protein fibres of the silkworm cocoons. These cocoon filaments might be between 600 and 900 metres in length. Several filaments are twisted together to make a silk thread. The threads are carefully woven into cloth.

It is a beautiful gift from nature that has been treasured for almost 4,000 years. It is unsurpassed for its sumptuous feel and drape and makes the most wonderful gift for all occasions.

The Magic of Silk – Lifestyle and Luxury

There is no fabric so loved and luxurious as silk. Dating back to the time of Chinese emperors, it has been known as the most luxurious of fabrics for thousands of years.

This is not only good for the environment and your skin, but it is simply beautiful to look at. There is no other fabric on this earth that can compare to silk’s luxurious appearance and feel. It has made us feel beautiful for thousands of years, and no other fabric can rival it.

Silk is such a luxurious and treasured fabric that it is good to know a little bit about the background and provenance of its in order to appreciate our items.

The History

Silk-making dates back to ancient China. In the first thousand years of its discovery, people exclusively produced it for the emperor and his court or gave it as gifts to dignitaries. Silkworms spin cocoons from the leaves of the Mulberry tree to create this natural fabric.

Silkworms were endemic to China and for almost 3000 years the emperors of China, in order to keep a monopoly, strove to keep it a secret from other countries. In time it quickly became the most sought after and treasured fabric in the world.

The Silk Road

The Silk Road was once the longest and most flourishing trade route in the world. The strong interest other countries showed in China’s it was one of the contributing causes to the opening of The Road some 200 years AD.

At the time, it was the most treasured and valuable of goods that China had to offer, and was even more expensive than gold. People considered it very precious due to its luxurious shimmer and beautiful drape. They traded or gifted it in exchange for foreign products. In Medieval Europe, only the nobility used it.

Luxury Gifts

Silk Gifts are no longer the reserve of emperors, they are now a much-coveted fashion accessory that will bring a layer of elegance to whatever you’re wearing. A silky scarf is the embodiment of sophistication and luxury and is a perfect treat for yourself or as a very special gift for a loved one.  

Silk Pillowcases and Silk Eye Masks

The allure and appeal of this remarkable luxury fabric continues to grow and be appreciated. Mulberry’s Silks is highest quality, which soon gained a reputation for luxury in sleep.

  Silk pillowcases and silk sleep eye masks are much sought-after items. Thanks to its natural temperature-regulating properties, it has the amazing ability to adjust to your body temperature, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Favored among beauty experts and dermatologists, sleeping on it has become well-known for transforming your hair and skin by retaining moisture and reducing friction while you’re fast asleep. Last but not least, it feels divine on your skin.


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