Silk Sleep Set

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Luxury Silk Sleep Set in Gift Box

Gift set contains: one ivory white classic silk pillowcase, one black silk eye mask, hand packaged in a beautiful gift box – sent with love from my studio in Dublin.

Made from 100% pure Mulberry silk,

All my silk pillowcases and eye masks are made from highest quality 22mm Mulberry silk (the best kind). Machine washable on gentle cycle.

The pillowcase is Queen size -51×76 cm, (which fits standard and queen size pillow) and have a generous envelope closure.

Enjoy the luxurious silkiness of our Pure Silk pillowcase and Silk Eye Mask Gift Set. Silk nourishes your skin and protects your hair against tangles while you sleep. Wake up feeling wrinkle free and rejuvenated.

Silk Sleep Set is a perfect gift  for every occasion

2 reviews for Silk Sleep Set

  1. Tara Kelly-Mór

    A beautiful gift for a special friend or family.
    Service is speedy and secure. Great to have a local more superior option for silk products. Proud to support Irish. Thank you 🤗

  2. Tara Kelly-Mór

    A beautiful gift for a special friend or family.
    Service is speedy and secure. Great to have a more superior option for silk products available in Ireland. Proud to support Irish. Thank you 🤗

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Sleep is so important for our health and wellbeing. The soft, smooth quality of our silk sleep mask will caress you into a cocoon of sleep. The generous fit blocks out all ambient light in a complete blackout for a deeper sleep. It induces you to fall asleep faster and wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Soothing for tired eyes and encouraging relaxation, it is ideal for bedtime, as well as daytime napping, taking on your travels, or for a quick mindfulness break.


Super soft and luxurious, our 100% silk sleep mask is made from Mulberry silk (the best kind), and is generously filled with long silk fibres, making it double the thickness of most regular silk sleep masks and giving a complete light-blocking fit, invaluable in that early morning light. It is cool on tired eyes, especially after screen time, and will help you go out like a light.


Sleeping on silk nourishes your skin. It has been scientifically proven that silk helps your skin retain more moisture and boosts hydration. Our silk eye mask protects the sensitive and delicate skin around the eyes, reduces lines caused by frowning and prevents puffiness and eye bags. Silk has natural hydrating properties and will allow moisturizers and eye creams to fully absorb into your skin rather than into your eye mask.


Silk is a natural heat regulator, so our silk sleep mask will feel light and cool on your eyes as it blocks out all intrusive light, including blue light from devices like your smartphone. Perfect for coping with headaches, migraine or dry eyes.


Silk is 100% natural and eco-friendly. Because silk is naturally inhospitable to dust mites, it creates a safe haven for you to sleep peacefully, especially if you have any allergies. It’s hypoallergenic and gentle with even the most sensitive or acne/eczema prone skin.


This eye mask has a silk encased elastic band which fits most head widths and is gentle on hair.