5 Tips On How To Wear Silk Scrunchies

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How to wear silk scrunchies is the question that people often ask me. Here are some of my favourite and most popular ideas. Pure silk scrunchies not only look beautiful but also provide a great deal of protection for your hair- unlike regular elastic scrunchies.

You will love how soft they feel and how they protect your hair from the breakage, friction, frizz, and tangles associated with other hair ties. The silk protein naturally hydrates your hair, which makes them a perfect choice for any hair type, or length.

Our collection of silk scrunchies come in a variety of gorgeous colours. They are highly versatile and add style to any occasion – from sporty, to casual, to formal.

Wear Silk Scrunchies – Top 5 Styles


white silk scrunchie

Super stylish and perfect for work, this look will immediately dress up your outfit. A ponytail is the most versatile and easy style. It is perfect for sports, gym, running errands, and everyday styling. This is a style you can literally do in two seconds while walking out the door in the morning. What’s not to love about that?

2. Stylish, elegant Bun

We love this look for a casual, effortless style, whilst also keeping hair away from your face – the perfect statement piece for this hairstyle. Buns are great for scrunchies! You can do a neat, low bun, which looks instantly stylish.   a messy, loose bun is very attractive and gives a casual vibe. Try a scrunchie around your low bun — adorable!

3. Top Knot

This is probably the most popular scrunchie hair idea of all time. We love the look of scrunchies worn with a Top Knot. This is a really easy style to create, just gather up your hair into a high bun and slip a scrunchie around it. This simple and effortless style knows how to steal the show with its naturally tousled look, especially when it’s adorned with a lovely colour.

4. Half Up Hairstyle

This elegant look is perfect for a more relaxed style. Perfect for all hair types and lengths, you can use either our Classic Silk Scrunchie or our Medium Silk Scrunchies for this look!

Whether you make a bun or ponytail on top, it will be adorable. Go sleek with a slicked-back style or do an easy, messy look to highlight the casual vibe of scrunchies. This style is perfect for tousled waves

5. Braid

Ivory White and Blush silk Scrunchies Silk Gifts Ireland

Plaits are a great option for those with longer hair – a perfect way to tie your hair both during the day, and at night for easy waves when you wake up in the morning! Our silk scrunchies are perfect for this style.

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