Discover Why You Should Wear a Sleep Mask?

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Why wear a sleep mask is a frequently asked question.Sleep is one of the most vital components in everybody’s life. If you don’t get enough quality sleep, it’s difficult to live a healthy, functional lifestyle.

Lack of sleep can affect our mood, our short-term memory and our concentration levels.

Medical research has also linked lack of sleep to a host of health risks, including obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Wearing a sleep mask is must have accessory for a good night’s sleep.

Sleep Masks Block Out Light to Improve Your Sleep and Health

Time magazine reports scientists have discovered that blocking out the light and dark sleeping conditions lead to increased time in REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep and decreased wakefulness. Light is a crucial factor in the regulation of your body’s biological schedule that dictates our sleep and wakefulness.

However, artificial light often disrupts our sleep. Even when we darken our bedrooms as much as possible, light seems to creep in. So, our bodies receive mixed messages and our sleep suffers. Recent studies have linked even tiny amounts of light in the bedroom to depressive symptoms in older adults

Sleep eye masks are a effective way to tackle sleep deprivation, silk eye masks which feels cool on your eyes. If you’re a light sleeper who is often woken by light, noises and disturbances around you – a sleep mask can really help. This is because when your brain senses complete darkness it causes the production of melatonin – the sleep hormone – and will increase the amount of REM sleep.

  • Sleep eye masks help you stay asleep:

Sleep masks are great for those who find it difficult to get to sleep, and difficult to stay asleep, especially for those who live in busy, bright cities

If you wake up in the middle of the night, you might find yourself engaged in another struggle: the urge to check your alarm clock. Checking the time will only increase your stress about the day ahead. A silk eye mask encourages you to get back to sleep by blocking other stimuli.

Is Sleeping with an Eye Mask Good?

Sleep Masks Minimize Distractions

We’re all familiar with the scenario where, seconds after crawling into bed, we feel the urge to check our phones. But research shown that bed time scrolling can undermine the quality of our sleep, making it harder for us to drift off and get real rest. 

Whether you’re checking Twitter, watching Netflix, or sending one last email, screens increase our alertness at precisely the wrong time.

sleepmasks minimise distractions from devices

Wearing a silk eye mask can reverse this unhealthy compulsion. By putting on your eye mask the minute you get into bed, you establish a boundary between yourself and your smartphone, which is very healthy.

You can take your sleep mask off and check your phone, this obstacle can be helpful in maintaining sleep hygiene.

Silk eye masks are by far the best because silk is a natural fibre that is cool and soothing on your tired eyes.

 Silk Gift’s beautiful 100% Mulberry silk eye masks are generously filled with soft plush silk fibres. They are incredibly soft and frictionless and will ensure that your sleep is deep and uninterrupted. IThey are deliciously light and cool and protect the delicate skin around your eyes from drying out overnight and iare a generous size to provide a complete blackout.

Silk Eye Masks Block Out Blue Light from Screens

Eye mask’s crucial feature: blocking blue light from bedroom devices, ensuring deep, restful sleep.

Sleep masks provide a protective cocoon as you sleep, allowing you to wake restored and refreshed a great investment in your health and well-being..

The National Center for Health Research recommends the purchase of an eye mask as an investment in your health

Sleep Masks are perfect for Travel or a quick Nap

There are many occasions during your day when a short little nap can be very restorative. A silk eye mask offers peace and tranquility, whether resting tired eyes or finding solace while traveling.

 sleep mask is good for  power nap

Airline cabins are particularly rife with blue light which can seriously disrupt our sleep cycles. Block light, rest well, arrive refreshed while traveling—seize the opportunity to sleep by shielding screens and windows.

What is the Best Sleep mask?

The best sleep mask is definitely a silk sleep mask for a perfect night’s sleep. This is because it is soft and luxurious and very soothing for tired eyes.

Sleeping with silk nourishes your skin. Because silk is non-absorbent, it actively maintains the precious moisture from your skin as you sleep It has been scientifically proven that silk helps your skin retain more moisture and boosts hydration. Silk has inherent cooling properties, so will feel cool and luxurious on your tired eyes.

Silk Gifts Sleep Masks in a beautiful gift box

Our Silk Gifts silk eye mask protects the sensitive and delicate skin around the eyes, reduces lines caused by frowning and prevents puffiness and eye bags. Silk has natural hydrating properties and will allow moisturizers and eye creams to fully absorb into your skin rather than into your eye mask.

What Are the Benefits of Silk?

Deep Sleep

Sleep is so important for our health and well-being. The soft, smooth quality of our silk sleep mask will caress you into a cocoon of sleep. Our Silk Gifts 100% Silk Eye mask is a generous fit that blocks out all ambient light in a complete blackout for a deeper sleep. It induces you to fall asleep faster and wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Soothing for tired eyes and encouraging relaxation, it is ideal for bedtime, as well as daytime napping, taking on your travels, or for a quick mindfulness break

SuperSoft Blackout

Our 100% silk sleep mask, made from Mulberry silk (the best kind), is super soft and luxurious. It contains generous filling of long silk fibers, doubling the thickness of most regular silk sleep masks and providing a complete light-blocking fit, which proves invaluable in this early morning light.It is cool on tired eyes, especially after screen time, and will help you go out like a light.

Sleeping on silk nourishes your skin. It has been scientifically proven that silk helps your skin retain more moisture and boosts hydration. Our silk eye mask protects the sensitive and delicate skin around the eyes, reduces lines caused by frowning and prevents puffiness and eye bags. Silk has natural hydrating properties and will allow moisturizers and eye creams to fully absorb into your skin rather than into your eye mask.

Silk is a natural heat regulator, so our silk sleep mask will feel light and cool on your eyes as it blocks out all intrusive light, including blue light from devices like your smartphone. Perfect for coping with headaches, migraine or dry eyes.

Silk is 100% natural and eco-friendly. Because silk is naturally inhospitable to dust mites, it creates a safe haven for you to sleep peacefully, especially if you have any allergies. It’s hypoallergenic and gentle with even the most sensitive or acne/eczema prone skin.

Where Can You Find Silk Eye Masks in Ireland?

You should take some care in selecting your silk eye mask. All eye masks are not the same. Many of them can be thin and flimsy, or are filled with synthetic filling. Some masks are only silk on one side. Some are skimpy in size, so they may not fully block out the light. Suppliers describe their products as having a “silky feel”, but this does not guarantee that they are pure silk.

Our beautiful Silk Gifts Ireland eye masks are made from Mulberry silk (the best kind) and will help you sink into luxurious sleep.

Where Can I Buy an Eye Mask?

  • All our Silk Gifts masks are stocked here in Ireland
  • We sell online exclusively to you
  • Each mask is packaged in a beautiful gift box which makes it a unique present

View out our collection of silk sleep masks to get you on the way for a refreshing sleep

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